• Success Stories

    • Bessie - A Seamless Recovery Across the Continuum of Care
      Dec 28, 2011
      Kindred’s presence across the post-acute spectrum of care means that our patients can recover as fully as possible in the proper care setting. Bessie’s story is a good... Read More
    • Great Stories Waiting to be Told: Lottie
      Nov 17, 2010
      Lottie came to us from the hospital. She was admitted with pneumonia and a history of falls. Prior to physical and occupational therapies, she was extremely weak. Our main... Read More
    • Great Stories Waiting to be Told: Delores
      Nov 14, 2010
      Delores was admitted to our Moving Forward Rehabilitation Program due to weakness, difficulty walking, congestive heart failure, type II diabetes, and chronic renal failure.... Read More
    • Aubry - Going Home
      Sep 30, 2010
      Aubry came to us, recovering from pneumonia and with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Aubry's wife wanted to see if we could work on improving his physical strength... Read More
    • Rae - Healing and Recovery
      Jun 21, 2010
      Rae, 61, was admitted with multiple infections due to the rejection of hardware in her hip replacement. She came in on IV antibiotics and was unable to care for herself.In... Read More
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